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We are always accepting for mid-career recruits, A person who has a young power that had a motivation and perseverance.

The designs and developments such as the inspection equipment main business and it is the business condition that specialized knowledge, skill is required, but Company will educate you in with the spirit of self-advancement well to achieve as a professional of the designs and developments.
Please send a required document after a reading by the following offer essential point to the application.
We will contact you accordingly after screening your submitted documents.

Job Description

Opening category Technical jobs(Machine design, electronic design, research and development)
Screening process Paper screening * interview
Documents to be submitted Resume (with a photograph), duties record of qualifications and experience
Application to be submitted 2-50 3-chome,Minaminakahuri,Hirakata-shi,Osaka 573-0094 City ,Japan
Addressed to HR department

※The candidate who passed thru paper screening, those who progress to an interview need to take care a trip, and need to come.
 Please look at access to our company from here.



2-50 3-chome,Minaminakahuri,Hirakata-shi,Osaka 573-0094 City ,Japan
Check here for detailed access information.

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